To  know whether KALASARPA is a YOGA or a DOSHA , we should first understand what is KALASARPA?

Kalasarpa means that the planets should be between Rahu and Ketu, taking the placement of rahu as the starting point and its reverse movement. If we take both rahu/ketu, then if planets fall between ketu and rahu then also it will be called as kalasarpa yoga.

There is no mention of kalasarpa dosha in any of the classics but  some have divided kalsarpa in to 3 types;

1. A kalasarpa is considered as full when planets are placed in between rahu/ketu or ketu/rahu.
2. Some consider a half kalasarpa yoga in some horoscopes. It is strange because in all horoscopes some planets will be in between rahu/ketu or ketu/rahu.
3. Some also say Aanshik kalsarpa yoga meaning fragmentary which means that every horoscope has it.

Some say that any horoscope in which planets lie between rahu/ketu  in whatever order it may be as full kalsarpa yoga. But, widely discussed yoga  is about kalsarpa yoga which is  enough to create panic and fear among people and explain away some events with some generalities, referring to the problems of their lives without showing whether it was rahu/ketu or both which caused them. No dasha, no transit and no divisional horoscopes are used.

Another dimension of ksy is dividing it into 2 groups, APASAVYA and SAVYA. Savya and apasavya meaning normal anti clockwise and backward movement of rahu and ketu. If the other planets fall between them it is the apasavya ksy.

The next question which crops up is what happens if there are no planets between rahu/ketu?
What I feel the most is more than focusing on ksy, we should have a through look at the horoscope, the yogas , the good and benefic combinations and dashas. Yet according to some , if a single planet is with either rahu or ketu there is no ksy. 
Some others attribute a mathematical subtlety in this by saying that if a planet is with rahu/ketu but is degree wise out of the orbital movement of either rahu/ketu only then can ksy be said to be nullified. 

Then some others say that the effects of ksy is seen in the dashas of rahu/ketu only. Some others even say that when  rahu/ketu transit is over  then the worst effects of ksy do not manifest.

The point to be noted is if ksy was so important why did not the great sages talk about it and stress it as a yoga completely ruining a horoscope. Before we jump to any conclusion we first need to understand whether this yoga was quoted in the ancient standard texts.

There is a sloka quoted in sanskrit saying that ksy is applied to mundane astrology. With this we understand that no ancient standard astrological text has mentioned kalasarpa yoga.

There are some traditional astrologers who do not show rahu/ketu in the varga charts saying that chaaya grahas have no role in varga charts.

In the context of ksy , a belief overstretched is that sarpa being a snake is what rahu is described as ksy is seen in horoscopes of all those who have killed or tortured snakes in their previous lives. Then what about the people living in areas of north east India , where people eat snakes. Are these people suffering from the effects of rahu or ksy.

Finally, a question that  must be asked is, “Is astrology meant for sound, honest, correct predictions or to create some fear by using the terms like ksy. “

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