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Stars not only foretell our past, but also our future.. come let’s decode the hidden mysteries in your life….

Astromitr by Latha Jandhyala

Unravel your Fortune...

Latha Jandhyala, Founder of Astromitr, is a renowned astrologer with proven abilities to foretell anything under the sun with accuracy, yet it is her passion for prediction on health related matters that makes her stand out. 

All that she does is to keep all facts and figures in place, and then leaves the rest to the planets and other heavenly bodies to speak with conviction and authenticity. This has been testified by all those who have had opportunities to benefit from her service.

Humble Beginnings...

I believe that getting at the roots of the problem is the key...

Much more than Latha’s professional competence, it is her empathetic approach that weaves a halo of greatness around her. She is very simple, down to earth, and caring. The warmth with which she interacts with people, the concern with which she tries to get to the root of their problems, and the commitment with which she draws conclusions and solutions make it a healing experience for all those who approach her for solace.

Educational Qualification

A postgraduate in Astrology from Telugu University, Latha has also done her PGDBM in Advertising and Communications from Mumbai University. An all-rounder right from St Andrew’s High School, it was her graduation from St Francis College, Hyderabad that helped her blossom into a multifaceted personality.  Besides being an astrologer with a difference, she is not only a social activist committed to working for disadvantaged women in society but also a teacher with a passion to teach children. 


Early Influence

Latha has also been influenced by a number of books, including KN Rao’s ‘Karma and Rebirth in Hindu Astrology’, ‘Srividhya Nityannikham’, and ‘Srishodasa Nityalakshmipooja’; Paulo Coelho’s ‘Brida’, which speak about rebirth; and ‘Garuda Purana’, one of the Mahapuranas dealing with diverse topics, including astrology.  




Family Background

Apart from belonging to a family with strong leanings towards astrology, Latha has been fortunate to be guided by eminent personalities like PVB Mahadev Garu, A Radhakrishnamurthy Garu, Dharmanand Thakur Garu and KN Rao Garu.

Mahadev Garu, her paternal grandfather, whom she considers as her guru, is credited with guiding Latha into astrology. Similarly Radhakrishnamurthy Garu, her maternal grandfather, a mathematician by profession, has been known for his accurate
knowledge of astrology.


Latha looks upon KN Rao Garu, the founder of the astrology department at Bharatiya Vidhya Bhavan New Delhi with great reverence. She says it was a great blessing to be taught by KN Rao Garu, whose knowledge of astrology has no parallels.  

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