Astrology Services
By Latha Jandhyala

Astrology Reveals the will of the Gods, let's unravel the mysteries of life and how to decode it to make it work our way!

What I do

We Provide In-depth Analysis on Personal, Financial, Business, Career, Marriage and more…

Unravel your future through Astrology!

Astrology is an ancient Vedic Science that specializes in understanding the pre-destined path layed out from our birth and how our journey is going to be. 

However, that’s not all, Astrology can also reveal mysteries about the hidden potential in One’s life and make it work wonders! 

All my Services

We offer a wide variety of Astrology Services be it predicting past life experiences to forecasting future revelations....


Horoscope Readings

We specialize in providing expert insights based on your Horoscope along with decoding the planetary positions and what they reveal about YOU!


Wealth & Finance Predictions

Financial Stability is an important aspect of life, hence we understand how it could impact our Psyche, Emotional and Physical Well being, we provide expert advise on how to unlock the Fortune!


Love & Marriage Predictions

Man is a Social Creature, hence LOVE is an important element in feeding the Soul, we bring the best advise on how to Spice your Love life!


Family Problems

Do you find out of sync with your loved ones, relatives and in your circle of influence, worry no more, we bring you expert tips on how to iron out the issues by focusing on the impending factors that stunt your relationships.


Educational Predictions

Unleash your passions and creative potential, ensure your energies are in tune with your stars, to shine and prosper in your area of interest effortlessly.


Gemstones & Remedies

Astrology not only provides Insights into your past and future, it also provides you with remedies on how to minimize the damage/ effect of celestial beings on YOU. Reach out to Us to know more…


Career Predictions

Are you really struggling to scale up your career ladder or are you not passionate about your current job, we help you overcome and direct you on what works for YOU. 


Health Problems

Health is Wealth – It is not just a popular and ancient saying, but it’s the very crux of life, we will delve into your birth chart and provide on how to minimize/ cure diseases that are physically, mentally, psychologically draining you up from Within.

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What my clients say

I always believed that Astrology was just about revealing our past, but I was amazed with the conviction with which Latha slowly revealed my personality,  pepped up my spirits, changed my outlook of life and most importantly, what to rightly FOCUS on. She was spot on with her astrological analysis. I surely recommend my near and dear to get her consultations for their own good.

Sri Ramana Pemmaraju
Author, Writer, Tech Engineer, O.C.Tanner

Latha Jandhyala’s predictions came so true, her approach to Astrology was very interesting and captivating.

DVS Karthik
Technology Lead, MNC

I regularly follow her Live TV Telecasts, they are so accurate and have done a world of good to me personally. I recommend everyone to view her Astrological RasiPhalam and Predictions on TV and YouTube.

Shantanu Das
Let's talk

Are you really clueless on your Future, Worry no more, Share with Us, we keep your information confidential while providing the right direction in LIFE!

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