Mars is transiting from Gemini to Cancer

Mars is transiting from Gemini to Cancer

Mars is transiting from Gemini to Cancer on 22.6.2019 and will be here till 9.8.2019

Characteristics of Mars :
Mars is a warrior by nature. He also denotes younger brothers, siblings, soldiers, assertion, aggressiveness, short temperament, hasty decisions, warrior, rules, military, accidents, violence, commanders, war, ambition, arguments, passion, strength, conflicts, leadership abilities, physical strength, forcefulness, insensitivity, anger, hatred. Mars also gives technical education and very good surgeons.

Diseases caused by Mars:

Wounds, cuts, operations, blood disorders, gums, muscles, electric shocks. blood infections, bruises, burns, tb, piles, ulcers etc 

Mars in Cancer
Mars in cancer often leads to physical and mental turmoil , health problems, lack of courage, delay in work, and occasional emotional outbursts. The native will avoid self efforts, and will do very minimal physical activity. He will always prefer to have minimum friends. The native become weak and meek and will become submissive and they hardly speak in public as they lack courage. Mars transit in Taurus, Virgo and Aquarius will be favorable .

Remedial measures for Mars :
Fasting on Tuesdays , by doing Abhishek to lord Kartikeya , by praying to Devi Bagla Mukhi , Ganesha and Hanuman, by feeding the poor by making masoor dal ki khichidi, 9 mukhi Rudraksha , donation of iron, by wearing red coral in gold on the index finger or right finger.
1.Mars transit in Aries
Mars transit is not favorable for mothers health. There may be a change of residence. By being rude and aggressive while talking may lead to misunderstandings and fights. There will be mental tensions, impulsive actions and aggressiveness which may cause serious damage with relatives, friends and wife too. It is a time to be careful at home front. Hasty decision making will lead into serious trouble. There can be a financial loss or a loss in inheritance.

2. Mars transit in Taurus
Transit of mars in this sign proves to be beneficial to the native. The native will become courageous , will try to shed his fears and tries to openly talk in the public. This will be good for the native for his professional growth and will give him some creativity and new ideas which will be helpful in his profession. There will be a cordial relationship with friends, relatives and brothers. It is a good period for businessmen to improve their business and to enter in to many new avenues.

3. Mars transit in Gemini
Finances will suffer, speech related problems and gum related related problems will occur. Family life will be a cause of concern as there are chances to move away from family due to the aggressiveness and harsh speech of the native. There will be a lot of effort to acquire money. Mind will not be stable and impulsive nature should be controlled. Business, partnerships will not be favorable.

4. Mars transit in cancer
There will be discomfort, pain in the muscles,skin rashes and overall health issues to the native. There will be physical and mental turmoil, lack of confidence and courage. The native will lack the strength to fight all odds In life and has to put in lot self efforts. The native will do minimal physical activity. Disturbances at work will be more and attitude should be controlled. the native is accident prone hence should be careful.

5. Mars transit in Leo
Disturbance in sleep, mental distress, problems related to feet, fear of enemies, losses, lack of conjugal life, foreign travels with lot of effort, extravagance, loss of money will be noticed during this transit . There are very good chances to take loans and to face opponents at work place. There will be misunderstandings with the spouse which will lead to serious discussions and fights. Mothers health will be a cause of concern. The partners in business may gain more profits. There will be cheating and lies involved in business relationships.

6. Mars transit in Virgo
All types of profits, comfort through elder brother, education of the children, buying some property, recovery of the lost money and some knee related issues will be seen during this transit. Overall a good period and there will be a good understanding between the couple. Children will have some difficulty in their studies and seriousness and a systematic approach should be followed by them to achieve success.

7. Mars transit in Libra
Transit of mars in this sign will give rejection, government related issues, gathering of machinery, Hasty and aggressive decisions at work will cause troubles, dejection and rejection at work. There will be plotting by enemies to create problem at work. There will be a sudden gain in shares and lotteries and a gain of some inheritance. Overall a good period.

8.Mars transit in Scorpio
Transit of mars in this sign generally gives charity, wealth, honors through education, fathers property, all round wealth, holy bath, pilgrimage,and service to the needy. There will be a lot of hard work to maintain relationships with friends and family. Health will be a cause of concern and there is a very good chance of accidents. Relationship with the spouse will be good. Business men will do well and will acquire some profits.

9. Mars transit in Sagittarius
This transit is not at all favorable. Loss of money and loss of relationships is seen. Short journeys related to work will not be fruitful. There will be insult and disharmony at work. Health will be a major concern. Laziness will prevail which will cause delay at work. Competitors and enemies will have an upper hand and will create hurdles at work. There will be an emotional turmoil, lack of courage which will create more problems at work and at home.

10. Mars transit in Capricorn
Family life will be totally disturbed, financial Position will not be good, loss of money is seen through investments and through partnerships. Business will not be profitable and there are very good chances to get cheated. Litigations and court cases will cause restlessness and sleeplessness. Children will do well .Spouse health will be a cause of concern.

11. Mars transit in Aquarius
This transit of mars is favorable for Aquarius. Finances will be good, there will be celebrations and gatherings in the family. Unnecessary conflicts and arguments with anyone should be avoided as far as possible. Some disturbance with the spouse is seen. There will be a lot of enthusiasm at work. There will be health issues related to stomach and heart.

12. Mars transit in Pisces
There will be worries, problems,obstructions at work. There won’t be cordial relationships with the family members. It will be tough to clear the debts and there will be lot of enemies who will be back stabbing. Friends may not be helpful, investments and speculation will give losses, mothers health will be a cause of concern. children will have lack of concentration in studies. Business will not be fruitful.

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